Ultimate Beauty Attraction Package™ - These beauty spells are amazing! For anyone who wants to feel like a Goddess with power and command over how attractive they are to the other gender, you need this. These beauty spells can be full customized. There are five phases within this beauty spell package for detoxifying, cleansing the energy link, enhancing natural beauty and smoothing over the look with enhanced Goddess like attributes. Body spells help to alter the shape of your body, or the body of the intended target. For the most part these spells will take a long time before the effects can be seen. Though a spell may only take minutes to cast it could take weeks if not months before the results are seen.
Over 30 Love & Beauty Spell™ - Do you know you need an extremely intense boast? This spells ancient power is specific to someone over the age of 30 to guarantee the most radiant and perfected glow of beauty. You’re lover will wonder about the mystery they feel in you and how gorgeous you look for your age. Everyone has some imperfection that they just wish they could get rid of now. What will this beauty spell do for you? Facial & Body Radiance™ - This exclusive beauty spell is for having a radiating and beautiful face to a lover. With deep rooted powers within this beauty spell will encircle the body and face for a permanent enhancement to your existing beauty. The luminescence that your lover sees before their eyes instantly makes their heart melt for you. It’s a soft whisper in your lover’s ear that you’re worth it!